The English Surgeon, A film by Geoffrey Smith
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More glowing reviews of NY opening!

The NY Times says: "Enthralling, astonishing...agonizingly human." - Read full review

Wall Street Journal article Read here

The English Surgeon in Daily Candy

The NY Daily News on the The English Surgeon - Read full review

Time Out - Read full review

New York Magazine - Read full review

Hammer to Nail - Read full review

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The Guardian
"…a lovely film, the best documentary for a long time"

"Deeply touching, resonant and ….very funny"

"a gorgeous and utterly moving portrait"

The Independent
"one triumph that you should not miss"

Time Out
"This is one extraordinary documentary, approaching hugely emotive subject matter with nimble delicacy and, it has to be said, steely reserve when it comes to filming a brain operation performed under only local anaesthetic. A life-affirming, unforgettable portrait of a true humanitarian, it's crying out for a proper cinema release"

The Times
"No scene in any film showing at The Times BFI 51st London Film Festival is tenser than the one two thirds of the way through The English Surgeon. ….It is the pivotal moment in a documentary which has its world premiere at the festival on Tuesday and is by turns funny, frightening and deeply moving".

Radio Times
"This masterly and poetic film…"

London Film Festival
"….any of these three characters are worthy of a film of their own, but the fact they appear in the same one seems incredible. Geoffrey Smith's exceptional documentary has everything you might demand of any film in the Festival: tense drama, heartbreaking pathos, scenes not for the squeamish, some awful moral dilemmas, pertinent political points to make, even a fair amount of humour and a score composed by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis".

"Tense, heartbreaking and humorous, this is an extraordinary documentary"

Belfast Film Festival
"The English Surgeon is one of those great delights - an exquisitely made film with a passionately invested subject finding universal appeal on the festival circuit. With a score by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, and photography better than your average matinee movie, this film is made of sublime stuff. It is both deeply moving and amazingly uplifting as it provides the audience with a deep understanding of the physical shape of thought and emotion"

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Henry Marsh's new book is now available:

Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery

Reviews in The Times, The Independent & The Telegraph.

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The English Surgeon wins the 2011 Dupont-Columbia Silver Baton Award! Click here for more info

Henry Marsh has been honoured with a CBE! Click here for more info

The English Surgeon has won the Emmy for Outstanding Science and Technology Programming!!! Click here for more info

The Directors Guild of America has nominated Geoffrey Smith for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Documentary for 2009. The winner will be announced at the 62nd Annual DGA Awards Dinner on Saturday, January 30, 2010. Click here for more info

Manohla Dargis of the NY Times and Betsy Sharkey of the LA Times choose The English Surgeon as one of their favorite films of 2009.

Director Geoffrey Smith interviewed for POV on PBS. Click here to watch.

POV viewers comment on The English Surgeon Click here for more.

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